• HSA Instructor Course in Temecula California

HSA Instructor Course in Temecula California

Thank you for your interest in our Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor Qualification Course. This fun filled program will challenge you and is loaded with information.  It’s sure to open your mind and guaranteed to open your heart.

What You’ll Learn

During this three day course, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience to train and assist, and certify divers with disabilities safely and effectively. The training you receive will be like nothing else you’ve ever done before.

Day 1 – 8am-4pm
We begin by meeting your fellow candidates and collecting the various documents, and after that, we'll wade into the many aspects of the HSA program. After lunch, we continue in the classroom and dive into the HSA Performance Standards and certification procedures.

Day 2 – 8am to 4pm
We’ll head to the pool and begin our series of role-playing exercises as a dive buddy and as a person with a disability and other skill training.  We promise, you'll learn the meaning of trust, faith, belief, confidence, expectation, reliance and dependence.

Day 3 – 5am to 5pm
Here’s your chance to put many of the techniques you learned in the pool to use in an Open Water environment. Again, you’ll be working in buddy teams and performing several of the skill learned in the swimming pool. As in the pool, you’ll be playing the role of a disabled diver and as a dive buddy.


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