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Sudy Barmore-Wade

Sudy Barmore-WadeDiving Credentials: PADI Divemaster, Underwater ASL Instructor

When not teaching Scuba: Retired

Personal Passions: Help others in need (1 Cor. 3:9), and Diving! Began diving in the late 80’s had 20 dives… took 20 years break to pursue other family interest. Started diving again in 2004 took AOW, Night, Navigation, DPV, Deep, Rescue, and kept on taking classes until I completed Divemaster in 2005!!! Recently done Nitrox! Loving every minute of it… I think, am part fish/human! Love to “talk” underwater (in sign language)!

Non-Diving Activities: Quilting, reading, swimming, camping, biking, short hikes and learn sign language (American and foreign) and more reading!!

Favorite Food: Minestrone soup from Olive Garden, Avocado and cheesecake!

Favorite Dive Locations: Bonaire, Bahamas (Aquacat), Roatan, Los Coronado, Catalina Island… anywhere I can go diving

Dive Bucket List: Any waters (preferably warm) and doesn’t matter where I go diving. Lots of colors, life and fishes with clear viz would do!

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Nick Devine

Nick DevineDiving Credentials: PADI Divemaster

When not teaching Scuba: Real Estate agent for Temecula and surrounding areas

Personal Passions: Got a open water certified in 2014 thinking that's as far as I would take it. Quickly fell in love with the serenity of underwater life and decided to advance my skills by taking the master diver course and moved right in to becoming a dive master. Helping students become divers and getting to meet new people to add to the dive family while constantly working on improving my skills makes this my all time favorite hobby. I would like to improve on my underwater photography skills to capture the beauty of the sea that some don't often get to see

Non-Diving Activities: Snowboarding, wake boarding, motorcycles, and drawing

Favorite Food: Alfredo chicken pizza at Garage pizza

Favorite Dive Locations: Cabo Pulmo and Catalina Dive bucket list. Shark diving

Dive Bucket List: Shaw's Cove

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Nathan Guerrero

Nathan GuerreroHobbies: Scuba Diving, Photography and Anything Outdoors

Personal Passions: The People, The Wildlife

Favorite Foods: Sushi and Exotic Foods

Favorite Dive Locations: Cozumel

Dive Bucket List: Bonaire, Bali and Fiji

Favorite Quote: Risk it till you get the Biscuit 

When not teaching Scuba: SCT Employee

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Bradley Hasseler

Bradley HasselerHobbies: 

Personal Passions: 

Favorite Foods: 

Favorite Dive Locations: 

Dive Bucket List: 

Favorite Quote:  

When not teaching Scuba: 

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Scott Johnson

Scott JohnsonHobbies: Wood Working, Golf, Traveling, Reading

Personal Passions: Spending time with Family and Friends. Making new friends. Watching people learn new things than watching them excel at new endeavors

Favorite Foods: Italian, Pizza and Poke

Favorite Dive Locations: Roatan and Cozumel, so far

Dive Bucket List: Truk Lagoon, Red Sea & Great Barrier Reef

Diving Credentials: Dive Master

When not teaching Scuba: Airline Pilot

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Beth Marler

Beth MarlerHobbies: Scuba diving, Traveling, Arts & Crafts and pretty much anything I can do with my friends

Personal Passions: I really enjoy seeing the excitement in new divers, but my personal favorite is when divers care for their buddy & get their rescue diver certification! A must have and my favorite class.

Favorite Foods: Poke, Chips & Guacamole, nachos & Mexican food

Favorite Dive Locations: Kona (Mantas DO exist . . . Jon) & Cozumel

Dive Bucket List: Fiji, Palau . . . and as many live aboard trips I can fit into this lifetime!

Favorite Quote: In the waves of change, we find our true direction

Diving Credentials: Dive Master

When not teaching Scuba: School Nurse (RN, MSN)

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Erin Schneider

Erin Schneider

Hobbies: Scuba diving, art, aquascaping, backpacking

Personal Passions: Exploration! I started diving in 2016 and fell in love with the sport. I love sharing this passion with others and guiding them through their scuba journey! 

Favorite Foods: Salmon, mango, lemon bars! 

Favorite Dive Locations: Bahamas 

Dive Bucket List: Indonesia, Iceland, Myanmar 

Favorite Quote: “Nothing will come of nothing” -William Shakespeare

Diving Credentials: Dive Master

When not teaching Scuba: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student

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Candy Watson

Candy WatsonDiving Credentials: PADI Divemaster

When not teaching Scuba: Postal Manager Retired!!

Personal Passions: I began SCUBA diving 12 years ago in Southern California after waiting many years for my 3 children to grow up, and have been making up for lost time ever since. While none of my family wants to dive I have a great dive family through ScubaCenter Temecula and Temecula Valley Dive Club. We dive a lot and travel together to terrific dive sites in the Caribbean, Florida, and recently Palau.

I became a PADI Divemaster in 2008. I have enjoyed working with classes… is really a joy to see students light up when they discover how wonderful it is to be in the underwater world. I love working with our SEAL Team Kid’s Classes 8-12 year olds, they are a blast. I also have fun getting divers who haven’t been in the water for a time reaquainted with their skills through our PADI SCUBA Review classes.

Non-Diving Activities: Family time; travel, snowboarding, golf

Favorite Food: Steak and chocolate!

Favorite Dive Locations: Palau and Cozumel.

Dive Bucket List: Oh so many, but definitely more of the South Pacific.

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Stacey Woodman

Stacey WoodmanDiving Credentials: PADI Divemaster/ PADI Master diver

When not teaching Scuba: Service Consultant at Chevrolet

Personal Passions: I first tried taking my open water class in the mid 90's but never followed through, but I finally I took my open water class in November of 2012. I took a few months off until I took the advanced class in march of 2013. I lived in the water the rest of 2013 to get my master diver and divemaster certifications. It was a lot of fun!! I'm looking forward to helping out new students that get the same feeling I had when I finished my open water, and hope they get the bug too. I would say diving and golf are my biggest passions besides my two kids and amazing wife.

Non-Diving Activities: Riding my dirt bike, golfing, hanging out with my family

Favorite Food: sushi, pizza ,sandwichs and anything i can put on the grill

Favorite Dive Locations:California Diving is all I have done so far but Catalina would be my fav spot so far.

Dive Bucket List: South Pacific, Antartica, Alaska, Austrilla

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