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Mark Rainbolt

Mark RainboltIn Loving Memory / 06/04/1949 ~ 06/24/2014

Diving Credentials: PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer) and EFR Instructor Trainer

MARK CELEBRATED HIS 35 YEAR PADI MEMEBERSHIP AWARD "I have been a PADI member for 35 years, and will receive my award from PADI HQ in the next couple of weeks. I've enjoyed training SCUBA divers, and SCUBA Instructors with PADI since 1977."

Specialty Instructor Trainer for: PADI - Boat, Deep, Dry Suit Diver, Equipment Specialist, Underwater Navigation, Night Diver, Wreck, Enriched Air, Drift Diving, Project Aware Instructor, Aware Fish Identification, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Search & Recovery Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Emergency Oxygen Provider, Kelp Diver. Emergency First Response-Instructor, CPR, First Aid, AED (Adult), CPR, First Aid, AED (Child),

"Real Job": None, training PADI Instructors, 100 ton Coast Guard certification, with more than 2,500 PADI certifications for instructor and divers. 25 years experience training dive Instructor with 5000 dives.

Personal Passions: Training dive Instructors, and wreck diving

Non-Diving Activities: writing books, and investigating dive accidents for San Diego County

Favorite Food: Italian and Mexican Food

Favorite Dive Location: Aircraft carrier Oriskany, and ALL warm water locations

Dive Bucket List: ONE - A scooter trip down the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany

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Phillip Rexinger

Phillip RexingerDiving Credentials: PADI Course Director (Instructor Trainer), EFR Instructor Trainer, PSI/PCI Inspector Trainer, HSA Course Director

PADI Speciality Instructor for: Deep Diver, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Wreck, Digital Underwater Photography, Search & Recovery, Boat, Kelp Diver, Navigation, Dry Suit, Night Diver, Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor, Project Aware Instructor, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Underwater Naturalist, Drift Diver, Underwater Videographer, EFR Instructor, Full Face Mask Instructor, Tec Rec Gas Blender, Care for Children (CPR & First Aid).

"Real Job": Scuba Center Temecula, Owner.

PADI 2018 Elite Instructor2019 Elite Instructor 50 Certifications
2018 Elite Instructor 50 Certifications
2016 Elite Instructor 50 Certifications
2015 Elite Instructor 50 Certifications
2014 Elite Instructor 100 Certifications
2013 Elite Instructor 50 Certifications

Personal Passions: I gain great satisfaction while working with begining students in the Open Water Course. It makes me excited to see the excitment in their faces as they learn the different skills needed to be a great diver. It's very rewarding to see them go from "bottom crawler" to "Scuba Diver".

Non-Diving Activities: Love to travel, Ride my Road Glide

Favorite Food: Italian food

Favorite Dive Location: Philippines, St Lucia, Roatan Honduras, Turks and Caicos, Cabo Pulmo, Catalina Island.

Dive Bucket List: ALL over the South Pacific.

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Mathieu Burden

Mathieu BurdenHobbies: Travel, Ice Hockey and Diving

Personal Passions: Caves, Wrecks, Reefs - Anywhere!!!

Favorite Foods: Sushi

Favorite Dive Locations: North Carolina, Florida & La Paz Mexico

Dive Bucket List: Palau

Favorite Quote: "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee

Diving Credentials: PADI IDC Staff Instructor, EFR Instructor, Full Face Mask Instructor, Ice Instructor, Sidemount Instructor, Tec Instructor, Public Safety Diver Instructor, Cavern Instructor, Care for Children w/AED instructor, Altitude Instructor, Wreck Instructor, Enriched Air Instructor, Boat Instructor, Deep Instructor, Drysuit Instructor, Underwater Navigator Instructor, Night Diver Instructor, Search & Recovery Instructor, Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor, Project Aware Instructor, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Instructor, AWARE Shark Conservation Diver Instructor

PADI Specialities: Too many to list

When not teaching Scuba: Sheriff’s Lieutenant

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Ken Moore

ken MooreHobbies: Scuba, Travel and Boating

Personal Passions: Wreck Diving and Hunting in the Ocean

Favorite Foods: In-N-Out, Crab and Calamari

Favorite Dive Locations: Cabo

Dive Bucket List: Chuuk and Scapa Flow

Favorite Saying: Don’t Hold Your Breath

Diving Credentials: PADI MSDT Instructor and Public Safety Diver

PADI Specialities: Wreck, Deep, Kelp, Boat, Nitrox, O2 Provider UW Navigation, Search & Recovery

When not teaching Scuba: IT Director

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David Mule

David MuleHobbies: Painting and Guitar

Personal Passions: Marine Conservation & Reef Check

Favorite Foods: Italian and French Food

Favorite Dive Locations: Catalina Island & Big Island, Hawaii

Dive Bucket List: Silfra, Iceland

Favorite Saying: It is what it is

Diving Credentials: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

When not teaching Scuba: Lawyer

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Daniel Ortega

Daniel OrtegaHobbies: Travel, Snowboarding and Camping

Personal Passions: Marine Conservation and Teach others about the ocean

Favorite Foods: Mexican, Pizza and Lemon Bars

Favorite Dive Locations: Catalina Island and Belize, Azores

Dive Bucket List: Truk Lagoon, Galapagos

2019 PADI Elite InstructorFavorite Saying: “Hey Nathan” by Jon

Diving Credentials: PADI MSDT - Master Scuba Diver Trainer, OWSI and EFRI

PADI Specialities: Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, Drysuit, Search & Recovery

When not teaching Scuba: SCT Employee

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Vinny Pederson

Vinny PedersonHobbies: Diving, Fishing, Hiking, backpacking, Photography and Shooting

Personal Passions: Open Water certified in June 2017. Had been interested in diving for awhile & just went for it! Completed Dive Master in 2018. Wreck, Deep, UW Photography & Travel trips w/SCT

Favorite Foods: Sushi, Italian Food and California Burrito

Favorite Dive Locations: Catalina Island, Kona Hawaii, Cozumel, Roatan Honduras and Laguna Beach

Dive Bucket List: Galapagos Islands, Fiji and Lake Tahoe

Favorite Saying: Cool

Diving Credentials: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

When not teaching Scuba: Aerospace Welder

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