ARIA19-White-L/XL Case of x20

ARIA19-White-L/XL Case of x20


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Part Number:OR019082 Manufacturer: OceanReef Color: SIZE :

ARIA 19 - WHITE - L/XL - White Frame & Purge Cover/ Black Skirt

PLEASE NOTE Our plan is to ship them as soon as they are completed in Italy via air freight directly to you or to the final destination i.e. hospital/universities. Pricing includes standard air freight delivery from Italy.
Initially Ocean Reef has a minimum order for these special products to 100 pieces; which can be a mix of 5+ master packs (20 per box.)

ARIA 19 is a repackaged ARIA QR+ that is offered in the three standard sizes with each size being only one color for easy identification. QR+ is the preferred model because it is offered in 3 sizes and the swiveling quick disconnect buckles allow for a better fit. Since, the product is being purchased for uses with adapters and not snorkeling, Ocean Reef is removing the snorkel altogether. We are bulk packaging in individually sealed bubble pack envelopes in master packs of 20 pieces. Packages do not include filters.

OR019080: ARIA 19 - BLUE - S/M - Blue Frame & Purge Cover/Black Skirt
OR019081: ARIA 19 - ORANGE - M/L - Orange Frame & Purge Cover/Gray Skirt
OR019082: ARIA 19 - WHITE - L/XL - White Frame & Purge Cover/ Black Skirt

We have found that for US adults, about 45-50% fit in S/M, 80+% fit in M/L and 50-55% fit in L/XL. So for ARIA 19 and ARIA QR+, we find a mix of 25%/50%/25% is generally a very good mix for overall fit.

*Please note: Due to Covid-19 Nature of this Product it does not fall under our Standard Return policy, All Sales are Final and not subject to Return or Exchange

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