Fusion 2 Dry Boots

Fusion 2 Dry Boots


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Part Number:BS141111 Manufacturer: Aqua Lung Model: Fusion2 Size:

The Fusion 2 is a rugged drysuit boot designed to easily integrate with any Fusion drysuit model, so you can chose the best fit for you. The boot is quickly and easily attached and detached from the drysuit with a simple but secure hook and loop. The heavy-duty rubbercoated neoprene material and anti-slip sole provide sure footing and minimum wear and tear.


  • Hook and loop attachment method allows for boot to be removed and reattached from the Fusion Drysuit quickly and easily
  • Heavy-duty rubber-coated neoprene protects boot from abrasion
  • Rugged anti-slip sole for a sure footing
  • Includes plastic insert that fits inside drysock to lock sock in boot
  • Drainage allows water to flow out, preventing sloshing when walking
  • Fin strap stop at heel secures fin to boot
  • Pull-on loop at heel eases donning

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