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A world class suit developed for overhead environments, the CLX450 incorporates lightweight materials tough enough to crawl through narrow restrictions yet fast to dry for travel. The CLX450 provides a quick dry upper body made of a heavy-duty blend of CORDURA®, Butyl Rubber & Polyester. Technical divers following the rule of thirds require a drysuit designed for the best fit with ballistic abrasion resistance. To provide optimal freedom of movement while finning, this suit is constructed with a more flexible Polyester trilaminate bottom. Fondly referred to as the "Tuxedo of Drysuits", the CLX450 is tailored for to meet the demands of performance divers.

"The CLX450 is truly self-donning. The fit and range of motion are both excellent, due to the telescoping torso, suspenders, internal waist adjustment cord and crotch strap. These features also work to provide a fit that does not permit excessive air shifts and does not require any additional weight. Also included are a warm neck collar, zipper guard, overlays or double layers in wear areas and a drysuit bag." - Scuba Lab Drysuit Review

Style: Pro
Color: Black Cordura
Knee Overlay: Black Cordura
Foot Style: Sock LG
Wrist: Latex ZipSeals
Neck: Latex G2 ZipSeals
Inflation Hose: Rubber
Exhaust Valve: Apek High Profile
Knee Pads: Kevlar STD 13.5"

Elbow Pads: Kevlar 
Pockets: Large Cargo Pocket on Left and Right
Condition: New
Warranty Zipper, Valve, Foot: 90 Days

Gender: Male
Base Size: 2XL
*Armhole: -1.00
*Chest: -1.750
Waist: 0.00
*Hips: -3.00
Thigh: 0.00
Calf:  2.00
Knee to Floor: 0.00
*Floor to Crotch: -4.375 
*Girth: -2.500
Shoulder to Floor: 0.00
Shoulder Width: 0.00
*Spine to Wrist: -0.375
Height: 65"

Sized for XM450 Undergarment

Shipping and Returns

Please allow 5 business days before the drysuit is shipped to allow for Quality Assurance and Shipping/Handling. Item can be returned within 14 days from ship date and must not be used or have water use indicator compromised (US). All Sales Final (Outside US). DUI/Scuba Center Temecula is not responsible for any information/specifications that may not be correct.

* Indicates the most important measurements.

Made in the USA

*Made to Measure and add on options for additional cost.

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