Women XL FLX Extreme Premium Drysuit TR8471

Women XL FLX Extreme Premium Drysuit TR8471


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Part Number:151509FLX Manufacturer: DUI Model: FLX Extreme - Signature



Our 2016 best selling drysuit, the FLX Extreme, is perfect for advanced technical divers and the most popular option for exploration divers. We set out on a mission to develop the most comfortable and flexible drysuit to provide maximum protection for technically demanding conditions. In that mission we discovered the perfect combination of materials and craftsmanship. Using trilaminate fabric made of a Polyester inner and outer layer with the butyl-rubber interior slightly thicker than the TLS350 - adding additional puncture resistance. We then add Cordura® overlays on the legs for increased durability though soft to the touch just like your favorite pair of jeans.

"This suit has excellent comfort and range of motion, thanks to a telescoping torso with suspenders and internal waist adjustment cord. ScubaLab testers were most impressed with the custom-like fit for a stock suit. In those rare instances that the 15 men’s and 18 women’s sizes can’t fit a body size, the FLX Extreme can be made to order. Apeks low-profile valves are standard on the suit, but Si-Tech is available as an option." - Scuba Lab Drysuit Review 

Style: Elite Overlay
Color: Black Tough Duck
Piping: Black
Knee Overlay: Black Cordura
Foot Style: Large Turbo Tec
Wrist: Latex ZipSeals
Neck: Latex G1 ZipSeals
Inflation Hose: Rubber
Exhaust Valve: Apeks High Profile
Crotch Pad: CF200
P-Valve Reinforcement: Left Leg
Pockets: Large Cargo on Left and Right
Condition: New
Warranty Zipper, Valve, Foot: 90 Days
Warranty: 7 Year


Gender: Female
Base Size: XL

Forearm: 9.875"
Biceps: 13"
*Armhole: 17.375"
*Chest: 39.375"
Waist: 31.5"
*Hips: 45"
Thigh: 22.5"
Calf: 16.625"
Knee to Floor: 19.75"
*Floor to Crotch: 34.375"
*Girth: 68.125"
Shoulder to Floor: 59.875"
Shoulder Width: 17.75"
*Spine to Wrist: 29.625"
Height: 69"

Sized for XM450 Undergarment

Shipping and Returns

Please allow 5 business days before the drysuit is shipped to allow for Quality Assurance and Shipping/Handling. Item can be returned within 14 days from ship date and must not be used or have water use indicator compromised (US). All Sales Final (Outside US). DUI/Scuba Center Temecula is not responsible for any information/specifications that may not be correct.

* Indicates the most important measurements.

Made in the USA

*Made to Measure and add on options for additional cost.

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