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What you need to know about Yelp.  Turns out that Yelp filters out LOTS of reviews!  With that said, we would like to Thank those of you that have been posting reviews and wondering why they never show up. 
5.0 star rating
10/12/2014  -  From Mindy C. in San Antonio, TX

Went here for snorkeling gear. The man who helped us was very friendly and helpful in helping us find what we needed and the right sizes. Has convenient hours, and great package prices.
5.0 star rating
8/8/2014  -  From Amy in Temecula, CA

They book three vacations a year with amazing packages. The staff is always friendly and goes above and beyond to help. The dive club plans great events like picnics and parades. Being apart of the Dive Club is like being apart of a family. Its also a FIVE STAR Dive Shop rated by PADI and a FIVE STAR Dive shop rated by customers. After being involved with Scuba Center Temecula since 2010 I won't go anywhere else. They have a great selection on equipment also. Once you go Scuba Center Temecula you'll always go back. There is something more about just getting certified for a good price you want to join a family to keep diving with, and this is the best place for that. If you want to walk into a BUISNESS and everyone knows you by your first name that is customer service, they know there clients and keep a special stock for their clients by knowing them. Phillip and Wenona are great people as well as great business owners.
5.0 star rating
2/25/2014  -  From Billy V. in Temecula, CA

WOW!!!!!!!I took my advanced open water certification this saturday an sunday. My Saturday class was really fun, My sunday class was a bit more challenging, it was my first deep water dive. It was not what I had expected, Had it not been for my dive instructor Jon V. I most likely would have had a bad experience. However with jon's cool, calm, positive attitude, experience an passion for diving I would have been miserable!!!!!!Jon took my uncertinty an built my confidence to complete my deep water dive .Not only did I complete my first dive, I made two more deep water dive's with no hesitation an had a total blast with a great experience I will never forget. Jon THANK YOU for making me a better an safer diver, because of you I will continue to dive an pass on your passion the best I can.

I can't say enough about TEMECULA SCUBA CENTER the complete staff, Phillip, Wynona, Jon an Michael all have a passion to make everyone the best diver possible. There knowledge is second to none. If you are ever interested in diving where ever you live you should come visit these people.
5.0 star rating
10/1/2013  -  From Brian L. in Westwood, CA

The first time we went to this scuba shop to get our snorkling gear I knew that this was a great place. We got first hands on with the gear and lots of information to get ready for our scuba classes. The staff is helpful and friendly. This is were we met Phil who is a great person. My girlfriend and I set up our privite class with him to learn how to scuba dive. We just got back from our four scuba dives in Avalon. It was an amazing experience and was well with it. Scuba Center Temecula is a great place with an amazing team. We can not wait to take more classes with Scuba Center Temecula.

5.0 star rating
8/8/2013  -  From Kim P. in Berkeley, CA

I created a Yelp account specifically to give a 5 start review to Scuba Center Temecula, so that in itself should send the message across. I heard about Scuba Center from their advertisement during the Food and Wine festival this summer. They were giving out a great deal to get certified this summer, so I said "why not?" 

I was amazed by the service of all the staff at Scuba Center. I was only in Temecula for a summer job and the staff did everything they could to accommodate my needs. For example, I had a flight scheduled on the second day of confined water dive training. Since flying within 24 hours after diving is not recommended, the owners of Scuba Center set up a time to do the confined water dive for me and my friends in their very own home pool and even provided lunch! I don't know how service can get any better than that. 

And during the open water dives I felt extremely safe with the very qualified instructors and they made sure that each buddy team had a Dive Master or Dive Master in Training with them at all times to ensure their safety. The staff is not only professional, but also very fun. They made the entire experience extremely enjoyable and the next time I'm in the area I definitely plan on trying to do a dive with the staff. 

I highly recommend getting scuba certified through Scuba Center. The open water dives are done in Catalina and La Jolla, both amazing sites. The open water dives could have been easily done at other, less exciting spots, but at Scuba Center, they go all out. I would also recommend Scuba Center for buying or renting any equipment.

5.0 star rating
7/24/2013  -  From SR in Allston, MA

This place was great.  I found everyone very accommodating, as I am a teenage customer.  I found managing the gear a little more challenging than the other students, so I needed some additional assistance during all of the dives.  I learned quite a lot from everyone at Scuba Center, and I will definitely come back to work with them again.  Although I completed my dive certification with them a while ago, I just recently returned to the store to purchase more equipment.  As usual, everyone was extremely helpful and I am willing to make the long drive to Temecula just to work with the great people at Scuba Center.
5.0 star rating
7/23/2013  -  From Amy S. in Mequon, WI

So grateful to have the opportunity to learn to dive. It was an amazing experience taught by genuine and patient trainers. Friendly owners and workers who made great accommodations with class times for our larger grou0.  Hopefully, sometime I will get a chance to return to the area and do some more diving with them.
5.0 star rating
7/22/2013  -  From Al C. in Berkely, CA

This is my first time learning how to scuba dive. The staff at Scuba Center Temecula were incredibly helpful and accommodating. They were willing to work around our schedule so that we could take the Open Water Course. The Instructors and Divemasters were friendly and very patient. I am very satisfied with the class and would highly recommend Scuba Center Temecula to everyone.
5.0 star rating
12/15/2011  -  From Eric H. in Hermosa Beach, CA

Phillip runs a great shop.  Well stocked and reasonable prices on gear.  Runs specials on tanks and air fills from time to time.  Instruction is top notch!!

5.0 star rating
12/12/2012  -  From Barbara in Temecula, CA

The instructors are great, they really care about the students, you get excellent training here! I really like doing business with a locally owned company.
5.0 star rating
11/13/2012  -  From Thamar D. in Temecula, CA

Excellent for everything SCUBA. Their staff are all knowledgable on all equipment and classes. They always fit the right products to you personally, they don't just sell you something. Their instructors are very good and very safe. Best full service dive shop around!
5.0 star rating
8/17/2012  -  From Anthony M. in Lake Elsinore, CA

Finally, a Scuba Store in Temecula that is actually a knowledgeable Scuba Store!  Not only does everybody here dive, but they know what they are talking about and pay attention to safety, which sadly seems to be lacking in many operations these days.  They carry several lines of gear and I'm especially thankful that they carry Scuba Pro, which is what I've used for over 2 decades.  They are extremely helpful with dealing with distributors too; assisting me with a warranty issue with a company to the point of getting an entirely new unit.  Don't waste your money on on-line gear purchases that have limited warranties, or the multi-sports big box store that doesn't know anything about diving or their gear. They also support a local dive club where you can meet other divers, which is great.  There always seems to be divers hanging out here sharing stories and giving great advice on dive locations I've never been too.
5.0 star rating
9/22/2010  -  From Jason V. in Temecula, CA

This is a scuba shop with a friendly atmosphere, great gear, and a knowledgeable staff. A wonderful place to shop or just hang out. I've been going to this shop since it opened and haven't once been disappointed.