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Is your SCUBA gear going to be ready to dive when you need it?

Bring your gear to SCUBA CENTER TEMECULA for its annual service/inspection now while you're not diving. That way your SCUBA gear will be ready to go whenever you head back to the water.

Our repair department offers the best in scuba equipment service to our customers. Our facility features the most current diagnostic and repair equipment available and our highly skilled manufacturer-trained technicians will deliver the most efficient and quality equipment repair.

For rush orders, please add an additional $25.

Winter Pricing:
Service your gear during the winter months when you're not using it and save $$$!
Save $5 per item during January, February!  Make sure your gear is here before the end of February to take advantage of the savings

PAID Dive Club Members get 1/2 off all labor during the winter pricing!

Click for larger imageAnnual Inspection: (1st one's FREE when you purchase regulators from us!)
An inspection is just that…..when the regulator is brought in for an inspection, one of our technicians will first do a visual inspection of the general condition of the regulator.

  • Mouthpiece (tears, etc.)
  • Hoses (cracks, cuts, excessive wear)
  • Inlet Filter (dirt or corrosion)
  • Purge Button (sticking, missing, broken/cracked)
  • Leaks in Second Stage
  • 1st stage IP pressure within range (stable or creeping)
  • Bubble Test

Annual Scuba Service:

  • Pre-service check to help troubleshooting later in the service
  • Disassembly of the 1st stage, 2nd stage and gauges
  • Clean metal parts in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Soak and scrub plastic parts in warm soapy water
  • Inspect all the parts for excessive wear, cracks, and corrosion
  • Replace all the required o-rings, filters, and seats.
  • Reassemble the regulator
  • Adjust the regulators intermediate pressure, flow rate, and breathing resistance according to the manufactures specifications
  • Submerge regulator to check for leaks


For warranty service there are a few things that we require you to provide:
  • Completed warranty registration
  • Original receipt
  • Proof of service or safety check within the last 12 months (depending on the manufacturer's guidelines).

We service all brands, if you have any questions please call the store or send an e-mail to the service department at