"Quick Launch" Marker Buoy

"Quick Launch" Marker Buoy


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Part Number:AC085-OR Manufacturer: XSScuba

Deploying a marker buoy from depth has its challenges. Securing a line spool and SMB, connecting them together, deploying them, all while maintaining neutral buoyancy and holding on to other gear, has overwhelmed many a diver. The “Quick Launch” Marker Buoy simplifies the procedure! The line spool is stored within the marker buoy and is already connected to it! Just add air and let it fly.

6 ft (183 cm) length/large 12 in (30.5 cm) circumference

Lower pocket includes a spool with 100 ft (30 m) of line

Spool line is attached to D-ring inside the pocket

Open bottom with anti-spill baffle

Combination oral and QD hose inflation

Over-pressure relief valve with pull cord

SOLAS reflective tape on both sides

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