Scuba Center Temecula Rental Rates

All prices are for a 24 hour rental period.

Item Price Deposit
Hood $5.00 $20.00
Weights $8.00 $76.00
Cylinder 50, 63, 80 $10.00 $150.00
Cylinder 100 Steel $20.00 $275.00
Nitrox Tank - LP 77 $20.00 $200.00
Wetsuit $10.00 $150.00
BCD $10.00 $300.00
Regulators w/ Computer $20.00 $600.00
Premium Regulators w/ Computer $40.00 $700.00
Dive Computer $15.00 $250.00
  • Scuba Diving Certification Card Required For Rental
  • Valid ID (Drivers License or Passport) Required
  • Credit Card for Deposit or cash deposit per piece

We Rent:**


  • Aqualung AquaFlex Wetsuits
  • ScubaPro Regulators w/ Uwatec Computers
  • Aqualung Regulators w/ Suunto Computers
  • Scubapro weight integrated BCD's
  • Aqualung weight integrated ProQD BCD's
  • Weights
  • Hoods
  • Tanks

Our rental cylinders:

Aluminum 80's, 63's and 50's

Steel 100's

Steel LP 77's (Nitrox)

Our equipment is professionally maintained and kept in excellent condition.

We have selected high quality brands to ensure customer satisfaction.

It is the customer's responsibility to check all equipment before leaving the store.

All equipment is to be returned clean.

  • Wetsuits must be right side out and tanks must have a positive pressure.
  • A $10 cleaning fee will be charged for each piece of equipment returned dirty, sandy or inside out.
  • A visual inspection fee will be charged for any tank returned empty.

Rentals are based on time, not use.

No Refunds or rainchecks.

All rentals are final.