AII 3000-A

AII 3000-A


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Part Number:AII 3000-A Manufacturer: Analytical Industries Inc Model: AII 3000-A

Analytical Industries’ AII-3000 series analyzers provide a very easy way to verify oxygen in diving applications. These inexpensive gas analyzers measure and display the concentration of oxygen in compressed breathing air tanks intended for scuba diving, for personnel safety, area monitoring, O2 deficiency in confined spaces, checking breathing air tanks and confirming the O2 levels prior to welding. The devices utilize an electrochemical galvanic fuel cell type oxygen sensor of the type that is extensively used to measure oxygen concentrations from 0% to 100% in gas streams.

Features of Nitrox Analysers for Diving

  • 0-100% O2 measurement range
  • Long sensor life up to 60 months (AII-3000)
  • Battery life up to 13,000 hours of continuous use (Palm O2)
  • Integrated or remote sensors
  • Fast response time of T90 in <10 seconds

Technical Specifications

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