3.0 cu.ft. Spare Air

3.0 cu.ft. Spare Air


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Part Number:300PK Manufacturer: Submersible Systems Inc.

THE SPARE AIR PACKAGE FOR DIVERS EVERYWHERE!! The 3.0 Spare Air Package is our most popular model sold. Designed to get you to the surface in the event of an emergency, yet small enough to not even know you are wearing it!

  • Easy to travel with!
  • Easy to wear!
  • Easy to refill!
  • Easy to hand off to a fellow diver in trouble!


"Lots of copies have come and gone over the 40 years since we started, but we are proud to be the ORIGINAL and still made in the USA!  We are a real manufacturing company who will pick up the phone when you call.  Submersible Systems is proud to be ISO certified, and Spare Air is CE certified!"


Where is your next breath?

Submersible Systems Spare Air Celebrating 40 years of saving livesThis product is Made In The USAThis product is NOT MADE IN CHINA

Package Includes:

  • SPARE AIR breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator
  • 3.0 cu.ft. Black Anodized Aluminum CYLINDER
  • 910S REFILL ADAPTER - Fills off SCUBA tank
  • 973 COVERED HOLSTER - Mounts to BC
  • 961 LEASH - Prevents loss

Product Specifications:

Part Number    300PK
Product Length    13.4" [34 cm]
Product Diameter    2.25" [5.7 cm]
Product Weight(full)    2.2 lbs [.98 kg]
Cylinder Pressure Ratings    3000 PSI [207 BAR]
Cylinder Volume    3 cu ft [85 liters]
Cylinder Material    Aluminum - Black Anodized
Pressure Relief    Integrated in regulator
Regulator Type    Balanced Single Stage
Operational Temperature    -22°F [-30°C] / +158°F [+70°C]
Duration of Air Supply    Approximately 57 breaths at surface

Buy life support equipment made by professionals!  Submersible Systems, original inventors and manufacturers of the patented Spare Air, have been in business for over 40 years and sold over 300,000 units. Spare Air & Heed units are made in the USA.

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