TruMix 4001


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Part Number:TruMix4001 Manufacturer: Analytical Industries Inc Model: TruMix 4001

A portable Trimix Analyzer designed to ensure the correct mix of helium, oxygen and nitrogen for technical diving. This easy-to-operate diving instrument analyzes gas mixes, automatically correcting for environmental conditions and eliminating the risk of errors from manual calculations. It has a large backlit LCD display that is easily read even in low light conditions, and which provides additional information such as a Maximum Operating Depth calculation. The features make the Trimix 4001 one of the best nitrox analyzers on the market for diving oxygen analyzers.

Features of Portable Diving Mix Analyser

  • Displays O2, He and balance gas (0-100%)
  • Automatically adjusts for environmental conditions to avoid risk of nitrogen narcosis during dives down to 46 meters
  • Includes temperature, barometric pressure and RH sensors
  • Long life battery with 16 hours of use, with two-hour charge time
  • 15-minute auto-off feature to save battery
  • Watertight, IP65 enclosure

Technical Specifications

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