X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin

X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin


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Part Number:411052GOGRKGRK Manufacturer: Mares Color:

The X-Vision Ultra diving mask is made of bi-silicone with a large field of vision. 8 attractive colors, 2 mirrored versions, winner of the Red Dot design award. Excellent mask for exciting scuba diving.

- Ultra-clear face (clylwcyl model, clblwcbl)
- Gold mirror lenses to increase visibility in murky water (gogrkgrk model)
- Silver mirror lenses to reduce reflection in shallow water or sandy bottoms (sigrkgrk model)
- New molded bi-silicone face piece for improved fit and comfort
- Hydrodynamic design
- Small ribs around the nose to relieve pressure
- 20% larger field of vision than the previous version
- Bi-silicone strap shaped like an "x" shape

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