GSM DC (DAT+  Double Channel) w/NAC...

GSM DC (DAT+ Double Channel) w/NAC...


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Part Number:33122 Manufacturer: OceanReef

The GSM DC™ underwater transceiver unit incorporates the latest innovations in underwater ultrasonic 2-way radio communication. The unit features a digital driver for verbal message equalization, an automatic system for activating transmission (DAT™), and a double transceiver channel. The standard frequency (channel 1) is the same for all Neptune System units, so it is possible to communicate with any other GSM G.divers, GSM DC™, GSM G-Power, GSM G-Power SL, GSM CUBE3, M101A G.divers receive units and M105 Digital / M100 G.divers surface units. The GSM DC™ is a dual channel (DC) unit, which means it is equipped with two transceiver channels. By pressing buttons "A" and "B", it is possible to change the frequency channel. Any time the channel is changed, a recorded message informs the diver of which channel has been activated (channel 1 or channel 2). The two channels allow different diving groups to operate in the same area with limited interference and confusion. The GSM DC™ sound quality depends upon the D-Mic microphone, a special dynamic microphone with high acoustic qualities, and the microprocessor (DSP), which takes the digitized vocal message and filters out unwanted noise such as exhaust, air bubbles, and/or mask vibrations.

  • Wireless ultrasonic unit
  • DIGITAL driver for vocal message equalization
  • Automatic system for activating transmission (DAT)
  • Double transceiver channel
  • Automatically activated once submerged in water, receiving also automatic
  • System type H-SSB

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