Tec Deep Diver Manual - CD ROM

Tec Deep Diver Manual - CD ROM


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Part Number:71924 Manufacturer: PADI

The PADI Tec Deep Diver Manual on CD-ROM covers information on PADI's exciting Tec courses, for qualified divers who want to challenge themselves 
by learning technical diving procedures.  This CD-ROM can be conveniently accessed from any computer or PDA with a disc drive. This manual is used 
for the following PADI Tech courses:

* Tec 40
* Tec 45
* Tec 50
* Tec Deep Diver 

Students will learn the techniques and procedures involved with diving beyond recreational limits, making planned decompression dives, and using 
multiple gas blends on a single dive. The indexed PDF format allows students to view specific material required for these Tec courses both 
during and after training.

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